Signed To Nowhere
Been Awhile

Hey everyone,

It’s been like… 9 months? It’s been awhile, haha, and for those who don’t check out Facebook page a lot has happened.

For starters, we are now signed! That’s right, Signed To Nowhere is Signed To Somewhere! From The Depths Entertainment gave us a deal a couple of weeks ago that we just couldn’t refuse. That being said, there are a lot of things going on now.

Most importantly, Steve has left the band :/ We ended things with him on good terms, he’s just more focused on school work and college but we still hang out regularly. So if anybody wants to be or knows somebody that wants to be the next lead guitarist of Signed To Nowhere, please email us. In addition, the name Signed To Nowhere will soon not be our name. We’re gonna save as many of our accounts as we can but I don’t think we’ll be able to just change the name on our Facebook and maybe Reverb Nation.

We are currently selling tickets for our show at The Canvas Clash on may 11th so of you want tickets it’s $12. Again, just email us or find us in person if you want one, they should be the same price at the door though.

Other than all of that it’s been a pretty interesting 9 months, definitely expect a ton of demos, interviews, shows, and an album really soon. Until next time, which hopefully won’t be another 9 months xD

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May 16th Update

Hello People of the Internet,

We’re making it a priority to start sending out a monthly email now to let everyone know what we’re doing with our time.

Some people may have heard about our recent performances at Luna’s Pizza Restaurant in Three Bridges, NJ for the Live Loud Contest. Overall we placed fourth and we want to thank everyone for they’re votes and those he came to the shows. Our good friend Spots won the contest and will be openning for The Cab and Ryan Cabrera on May 30th at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ.

Now as time is moving by; we’re going to start promoting our show at The Stone Pony on June 10th a whole lot more. We hope to finish and quite possibly release our demo “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Punk” at the show. We encourage everyone to come down for a great day of music. The show starts at 1:00 PM and tickets are only $10, plus our good friends Elephant Sun and Speed Limit will be joining us on stage.

In addition we’re trying to finish up the rest of the writing for our soon to be recorded album We just finished writing our 10th song and hope to finish up another 3 for the record sometime by next month.

Hope to see everyone soon, until next time

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Live Loud Contest

Thanks to everyone that came out to round one on Sunday, we’re proud to say that we’re moving on to round two this Saturday at Luna’s Pizza Restaurant in Three Bridges, NJ. Doors open at 6:00 PM and tickets are $12 dollars (half off if you buy a ticket to see The Cab at Hunterdon Central Regional High School on May 30th or if you have proof of purchase of a ticket already), we don’t know what time we go on yet but when we find out you’ll be able to find it on our Facebook Page. We encourage EVERYONE to come out in support of us, we’ll be playing two brand new songs plus a new cover or two. We need as many people as we can get to come out and it would make the mean the world to us if we could actually win this whole thing. Hope to see a lot of new faces on saturday and hopefully a lot of old ones too. See you all then.

For further information click here. While you’re there please write on the wall “Signed To Nowhere should open for The Cab,” or something of that nature, haha

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